When thinking about heating for your new home and extension, there’s no better option than a Hydrofloor hydronic floor system.

Discuss hydronic heating systems with your architect or builder — or with us right here at Hydrofloor. You’ll discover how choosing an in-floor hydronic system creates synergy with contemporary architectural elements and, because the floor heating system is entirely concealed, you also enjoy total design freedom.

There’s no need to plan around ducts or vents with a hydronic floor heating system.

Hydronic floor heating is customised to your needs. You decide on the number and size of programmable heating zones, individual time and temperature settings, and the positioning in your home … right down to the distance from your toilet or bath.

Hydronic heating systems can even be adapted to supply household hot water. If that isn’t flexibility enough, your Hydrofloor system can grow with you. If you renovate or extend in the future, simply add more heating zones. Or you can have floor heating downstairs and choose hydronic panel radiators for an upstairs extension.

Previously, retrofitting underfloor hydronic heating meant adding a skim of cement to an existing slab. While this system is still an option, it does involve a complete furniture removal and flooring refit.

Nowadays, your hydronic floor heating can be installed in something similar to a floating floor. Ideal for renovation projects, this system allows for low profile tubing to be laid in grooves of pre-cut panels.

If you are a discerning home owner seeking clean, quiet and low environmental impact heating, consider retrofitting hydronic floor heating.

Hydrofloor enjoys a decades-long history of successfully completed residential, commercial and community floor heating projects.

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