Inner City Hydronic and Hydrofloor supply and install the highest-quality steel panel radiators manufactured to comply with international quality control standards.

Elegant, efficient and durable, panel radiators are produced with an environmentally-friendly multi-stage white powder-coated painting process for an increased product life and stylish finish.

Complete with factory fitted top grilles and side panels that are easily removed for ease of cleaning and replacement, they come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all applications, available as 4 port and compact valve 6 port.

Convector fins are welded directly to waterways to increase the effective heating surface of the radiator panels.

The control valves used are Pintossi on/off valves on the inlet and Lockshield valves on the outlet to evenly balance the water distribution to all radiators.

Pintossi thermostatic valves may be used to automatically regulate the room temperature to a constant temperature other than what is set by the room thermostat, and can be utilised when other forms of heating are used in the same room as the thermostat.

All of our radiators are backed by a 25-year warranty.